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Frequent Flyer Carbon Flyer HD Combo Pack

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Are you ready for the thrill of flight? Meet the Carbon Flyer - the world’s first all-carbon fiber remote control (RC) plane that you fly with your phone.

Its high-tech, aerodynamic construction let you soar through the sky and capture HD (high definition) video from a bird’s-eye view. The durable carbon fiber body lets you bounce back from nearly any crash without worry.

Fun to fly, easy to learn, and beautiful to behold, this high tech smartphone controlled plane is perfect for the RC enthusiast, gadget lover or inner child in all of us.

This Frequent Flyer Pack comes with everything you need to fly all day long. You get three extra quick-change LiPo batteries, a handy USB charger, and 4 spare propellors so you can stay up in the air no matter what happens. Buy them all together to save $10!


Carbon Flyer Includes:

  • 1 Carbon Flyer plane
  • 1 display stand
  • 1 LiPo quick-change battery pack with USB charging cable
  • 1 4GB SD memory card

Frequent Flyer Accessory Pack includes:

  • 3 quick-change LiPo battery packs
  • 1 USB battery charger
  • 2 spare propellers (1 right, 1 left)