• Smartphone flight control app
  • Onboard HD video camera (on HD model)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 control module
  • Custom tuned patent-pending propellers
  • Impact-resistant nose cone
  • Custom high-output coreless motors
  • Quick-change LiPo battery packs

Like a Samurai sword, our unique carbon fiber is both incredibly strong yet flexible. It absorbs most impacts without breaking and springs back into its molded shape. The Carbon Flyertm’s entire airframe is made of this material. Carbon fiber consists of thin, strong, crystalline filaments composed of nearly pure carbon. It is over 1,000 times stronger than the foam used in most RC planes. Foam wings easily tear and snap and paper can’t hold a consistent shape.

High Definition Onboard Camera

The Carbon Flyertm features an available onboard HD (high definition) video camera to capture aerial footage to share with your friends. For safety, controllability, and efficiency, flight video is recorded for viewing rather than streamed to your phone.

iPhone Control App

Control Carbon Flyertm from your iPhone through a long-range Bluetooth 4.0 connection up to 240 feet away. This is almost the length of a football field, and perfect for a plane this size. Simply tilt your phone left or right to steer, and adjust air speed by sliding your thumb up and down. Because of the 2-way data connection you receive real-time battery life and signal strength status.

Remotely command your Video Camera to start and stop recording and activate pre-programmed stunt maneuvers with just the push of a button! Slide your screen to the side to adjust responsiveness from Easy to Advanced or Expert settings! Other inputs like trim settings can also be adjusted.

Propellers and Motors

The Carbon Flyertm is powered by special high output 8.5 X 20mm coreless motors driving custom patent pending 3 bladed propellers. These propellers were specifically designed for this power plant and deliver an amazing 1 to 1 power to weight ratio while drawing less than 1 amp of power. The power plants steer the Carbon Flyertm using algorithms run by an onboard microprocessor. This thrust vectoring system has no fragile servos or moving parts that can break. The propellers are inset close to the aircraft to avoid contact with the ground during landings.

LiPo Battery Packs

The Carbon Flyertm is powered by a rechargeable, hot-swappable 3.7V 160mAh lithium polymer battery capable of providing over 7 minutes of flight time. Since the batteries are quickly interchangeable, a pocketful will keep you in the air for longer flight sessions. A micro USB charge cable is included with the Carbon Flyertm.

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