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Includes: 1 CF Plane, 1 display stand, 2 LiPo quick-change battery  and charger
Regular price $97.00 $299.00
Fly with a friend! 2 CF Planes, 2 display stands, 4 LiPo quick-change batteries and 2 chargers.
Regular price $179.00 $499.00
Whether you need to replace your Carbon Flyer's propellers or you want to build a plane of your own, our patent-pending tri-blade...
Regular price $9.99
INCLUDES: Battery Charger
Regular price $9.99
INCLUDES: 2 quick-change LiPo battery packs (3.7V, 150mAh)
Regular price $9.99
This Frequent Flyer Pack comes with everything you need to fly all day long. You get three extra quick-change LiPo batteries, a...
Regular price $27.99
Add some style & flair to your Carbon Flyer with colorful, vinyl wing highlight decals.
Regular price $9.99
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