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Carbon fiber paper airplane that you control with your phone

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The world's most durable plane

Fast. Easy. Fun.

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The smartphone controlled, indestructible toy

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  • iPhone flight control app
  • Onboard HD video camera (on HD model)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 control module
  • Custom tuned patented propellers
  • Impact-resistant nose cone
  • Custom high-output coreless motors
  • Quick-change LiPo battery packs

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Real Carbon Fiber

Made of exotic and resilient carbon fiber, the Carbon Flyer is a flying piece of technological art.

Intuitive Phone Control

Carbon Flyer is quick to learn and fun to master. No complicated radios to master. Tip to steer. Thumb for throttle. Speed for lift. It's like flying a kite without a string.

Crash Resistant

Most flying toys break with ease. Carbon Flyer is made to withstand most crashes, so you can survive the learning curve and keep having fun.